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89 Vol.50, No.1 June, 2018
Understanding Urban Development in Germany Klaus R. Kunzmann Attache File
An Evaluation of the Youth Employment Program in the Ministry of Employment and Labor 엄인주, 심미승 Attache File
Assessing the Regional Agricultural Competitiveness of Korea 장재봉 Attache File
A Study of Tourism Sector on Employment Creation and Income Generation in Pokhara Valley of Nepal Laxmi Kanta Sharma Attache File
​Female Entrepreneurs and Female Employment:the Case of Daegu 홍성효 Attache File
88 Vol.49, No.2 December, 2017
Changes of Working Age Population and Regional Growth in the Era of Ageing Population 허문구·김낙현 Attache File
A Study on Regional Effect Analysis Method of Minimum Wage - Focused on Daegu - 김용현 Attache File
Social Capital in Non-Profit Organizations: A case study in Japan Shu ZHANG·Hanmo JANG Attache File
A Study on Development of Evaluation Indicators for Agricultural R&D Pre-economic Analysis 박재형·이동수·이상래 Attache File
A Comparative Study on the Social Business’s Fostering Program for the Revitalization of Abandoned Mine Area -The Case of Abandoned Mine Area in Gangwon-do - 태유리·김재현·김주미·조영주 Attache File
The Survival and Growth of Social Enterprises - The Case of Chungnam Province - 김우영 Attache File
87 Vol.49, No.1 June, 2017
An Analysis of Social and Environmental Effects on the Migration - A Case Study of the Migration between the Capital region and Gangwon-do - 임동일, 황윤진 Attache File
An Overview on Social Inclusion, Economic Growth and Poverty Status of Nepal Ram Chandra Dhakal Attache File
The Characteristics of Ulleung-gun Labor Market Structure 남병탁 Attache File
A Study on Citizens' Consciousness and Policy for UHI Phenomenon - Case of Gwangju Metropolitan City - 정은주, 윤희철 Attache File
Decomposition of the Production Inducement Effects in the Transport Equipment Industry among Korea, China and Japan - Focused on the World Input-output Table - 이춘근 Attache File
86 제48권 제1호(통권 제67집) 2016년 6월
A Study on Determinants of Brain Drain from Gwangju Area 홍성우 Attache File
Case Study on Implications of PPP in Local Government of Japan - Focused on the Case of Yokohama city - 임성진.나주몽 Attache File
Structure Change of Local Population and Resilience - Focused on Jeollanam-do - 오은열 Attache File
Region Activation through the Utilization of the Regional Cultural Resources - The Case of Chollanamdo Yi Sun-sin Cultural Resources - 노시훈 Attache File
A Study on Determinants of Brain Drain from Gwangju Area 이찬영.조세형.류재준 Attache File
85 Vol.48, No.2 December, 2016
An Improved Method to Measure the Economic Ripple Effects of Production Activities by Industry through Using Input-Output Tables - With special reference to the method to convert production activities of some industries into those final demands concerned - 배진한 Attache File
Immigration Policy in Japan for a New Era of Takeshi Fukumoto, Hanmo Jang Attache File
A General Study on the Community Development Financial Institution(CDFI) - Focused on the possibility of being a main agent for local social finance - 양준호 Attache File
Remittances and Household Expenditure Patterns of Selected Families in Kathmandu Valley Ram Kumar Phuyal,Ram Chandra Dhakal, Anju Koirala Attache File
Competitiveness of Pyeongtaek Port and Its Determinants 모수원 Attache File
A Study on the Recent Research Tendency of Urban-to-Rural Migration - Using the network text analysis method - 박수진, 나주몽 Attache File
84 제47권 제3호(통권 제66집) 2015년 12월
Micro-level estimation of poverty and inequality in a rural village of Nepal Anita Bhatt Phuyal and Ram Kumar Phuyal Attache File
Crash Phobia, Hike Expectation or Overconfidence: An Empirical Analysis of Implied Volatilities of KOSPI 200 Index Options Dam Cho Attache File
A Study on the Improving Urban Tourism Image of Gwangju Using the SWOT-AHP Analysis - Focusing on the Comparative Analysis of Busan Metropolitan City - 박수진·류재준 Attache File
Review of the Validity Issues of and Comprehensive Policy Directions for the Gwangju Metro Line 2 Construction Plan 정봉현 Attache File
A study on actual conditions and improvement methods in non-residential large-scaled abandoned buildings - focused on the cases in Namgu, Gwangju - 최진·김형래·신우진 Attache File
83 제47권 제2호(통권 제65집) 2015년 10월
Preceding Subjects for Rechallenge of Resting Cooperatives in Gwangju 임준형 Attache File
The Problem of The So-Called Social Economy Act Sang-H 윤상호 Attache File
An Exploratory Research on the Social Finance for Gwang-Ju Area 박상하 Attache File
Social Economy & Regional Development 이상면 Attache File
The Reconsideration of Related policies regarding the 6th Industrialization of Agriculture in Japan 이금동 Attache File
82 제47권 제1호(통권 제64집) 2015년 6월
A Proposal for Marketing Strategy of Asian Culture Complex 강신겸 Attache File
Effects of Rural Village Festivals on Regional Economy - Using Export Base Model - 이한성 Attache File
The Locational Characteristics of Internet Data Center Industry and Its Impacts on Local Economy - A Case Study of Gimhae Area in Gyeongnam Province - 이우배 Attache File
An Analysis on Satisfaction Level of Employment Creation for Regional Job Targets - The Case of Daejon, Chungnam and Sejong - 김형근, 김일태, 김영순 Attache File
A Study on the Recognition and Compensation for Voluntary Activities - The Case of Gwangju Metropolitan City - 심미승, 민현정, 김행희 Attache File
81 제46권 제2호(통권 제63집) 2014년 12월
사회적기업 종사자의 조직문화와 조직유효성 김지원, 박상하 Attache File
전남과 전북의 지역경제 성장과 지방재정 인과관계 분석 오병기 Attache File
광주송정역 복합환승센터 환승시설 규모산정에 관한 연구 양철수 Attache File
PCC 5차 평가보고서에 따른 광주광역시 기후변화 정책방향 김태호, 이홍주 Attache File
농촌지역개발을 위한 역량강화전략에 관한 사례연구 박수진, 나주몽 Attache File
80 제46권 제1호(통권 제62집) 2014년 6월
「지역개발연구」 60집 발간을 기념하는 대표적 지역연구논문 송인성,나주몽,이상호 Attache File
광주·전남지역 제조업의 효율성과 생산성 김창범 Attache File
통화정책과 지역별 주택가격 사이의 장기 관계 배진성 Attache File
광주대도시권의 중추기능 강화방안 연구 양철수 Attache File
中國과 한국의 人事制度 개혁에 대한 비교연구 Zhao Zhilei Attache File
Service Sector's Contribution to the Economy of Nepal Ramesh C. Chitrakar Attache File
79 제45권 제2호(통권 제61집) 2013년 12월
GHG Mitigation Potential and Price Compatability of Hydrogen Energy 노동운 Attache File
A Study on unification of developing plan of the strategic and leading industry in Honam area 임기흥,정민영 Attache File
Establishment of Good Educational Environment of Innovation City - in the Case of Gwangju Chonnam Joint Innovation City 조진상 Attache File
A Study on the Characteristics of Population Alteration within the Municipal Jurisdiction of a Rural City, Gimjae 황지욱, 김귀진 Attache File
The Performance and Policy Agenda in Disclosing System of Local Job Creation Targets - The Case of JeollaNam-do Region - 김일태, 김대성, 변장섭 Attache File
The Effects of Spatial Characteristics of Campus s External Facilities on A Local Community Component - Focused on the Chonnam National University - 문창용, 나주몽 Attache File
78 제45권 제1호(통권 제60집)
지역개발연구 제60집 발간을 기념하여 이상호,나주몽 Attache File
시계열분석과 사회연결망분석을 이용한 지역산업간 인과관계 분석- 광주?전남을 중심으로 - 오병기 Attache File
호남권 공예문화산업클러스터 조성방안 연구 정건용 Attache File
중국 3농문제와 차산지 농촌관광의 지속적 발전에 대한 고찰- 항저우시 롱징촌, 수저우시 동싼진과 진팅진을 사례로 - 이금동,츠지 카즈나리 Attache File
농촌지역개발사업의 운영관리 역량과 주민협력에 관한 연구- 전남 농촌마을종합개발사업을 중심으로 - 박수진, 나주몽,송인성 Attache File
우리나라 대학장학금 정책에 대한 고찰- 학비감면제도를 중심으로 - 이상호,조수미,강병남,김승렬,박철희 Attache File
77 제44권 제2호(통권 제59집)
he role of the Kreditansatalt fuer Wiederaufbau in Germany 김명식 Attache File
Enhancement Measures of Regional Bank for Local Economic Development: in Reference to Japanese Case 김국현 Attache File
A Study on the Assessment of Port Hinterland's Competitiveness Using AHP Analysis -Focused on GwangYang Port Hinterland 경성림, 나주몽 Attache File
Analysis of the housing finance policy impact on the housing market 박천규, 김유현, 권수연, 지대식 Attache File
A Study on the Competitiveness Reinforcement based on the Analysis of Industrial Complexes using Vital Index 허문구, 임종인 Attache File
The Operation, Problems and Development Policy of Urban Metro in Gwangju, Republic of Korea 정봉현 Attache File
Recent Labor-Government Conflicts and a Solution 홍성우 Attache File
76 제44권 제1호 통권 58집 (2)
Global Trends of Regional Policies and Policy Implications - focused on EU cohesion policy - 한경원 Attache File
The Study on the Impacts and Spread of Korean Wave(Hallyu Culture) in Koreatown 임영언 Attache File
Propulsion and Regional Challenge of Community Business Policy in Korea 나주몽 Attache File
A Study on Solutions of the Job Understanding Difference between Job Openings and Job Seekers of Small and Medium Firm in Gwangju Metropolitan Area 김봉진·김일태 Attache File
75 제44권 제1호 통권 58집
청년일자리사업 평가와 개선방안 : 광주광역시와 전라남도의 사례 홍성우 Attache File
일본 소규모 고급차 산지의 활성화 전략 - 후쿠오카 현 호시노무라 프레미엄 차산지를 사례로 - 이금동?츠지 카즈나리 Attache File
광주광역시 대중교통 환승체계의 효율적 운영방안 김정모·윤판 Attache File
전남과 광주의 제조업 및 연관산업간 인과관계 분석 오병기 Attache File
Understanding of the Architecture on the View-Point of New Science 이승용 Attache File
A Study on the Exterior Space Making in Gwangju Biennale through Abroad Case 정성구 Attache File
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